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Past event

Dessert Duels

Thank you for supporting Senior Charity Care. Your contributions to our programs mean the world to our seniors in need. We look forward to seeing you next year!

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For Senior Charity Care's 2024 Dessert Duals we had delicious doughnuts!  In 2023 we did cookies. Let us know your suggestions for 2025. Until then, remember that Charity is Sweet! 

Thank you to our Sponsors:

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What about the Hope Benefit? 

The Hope Benefit gala was a part of Senior Charity Care from 2011-2022. We have many good memories from these events, and thank everyone who volunteered, attended, and contributed through the years.

Senior Charity Care is moving through a period of big changes that will make us more effective and able to help more seniors in need of dental, vision, and hearing care. Updating our event is one way we are reducing costs, engaging new and old supporters alike, and creating a sustainable future. We want our supporters to know that while we honor the history of SCCF, we are looking forward to a bright future.

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