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Senior Stories

We love the seniors we serve, and each has a unique and wonderful story to share.

Joann F. 2.png


JoAnne had not had an eye exam for many years before attending a SCC clinic and was having difficulty seeing.

"I love, love, love to read, and having the right prescription helped me a great deal. I really appreciated that I could still read."

Leo 1.png


Leo's contact with others is through TV. He also has interpreter service that he's able to communicate by phone with the sign language interpreter. If he didn't have those things, it would be very, very lonely for him.

"My vision is important. I feel really good that people would contribute to help me out because I can't afford it."

Lauri Photo


Lauri enjoys writing and singing. Before she received help from Senior Charity Care, she had not had an eye exam for four years, and her vision had changed. Through the mobile vision program, Lauri got a new prescription and new glasses.

"I'm grateful for Senior Charity Care. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful."



After Kerry was diagnosed with severe heart problems, the long-haul driving industry would not let him work. He began living on disability payments. Since then, he has developed neuropathy in his hands.


Kerry has been attending SCC's dental clinics for more than five years! His cute service dog Lillian accompanies him on each visit.



Eva is the fourth of six siblings. She was born in Idaho, and has lived in Tooele for almost a decade. Eva has a lot of health issues, and had to save for months to afford a pair of glasses.

"It was very comfortable and kind service... I can see better than before and it's nice to know I'm not being judged because of finances!"

Cherie B 2.png


Cherie came into the SCC dental clinic to have her denture adjusted so she could eat more comfortably.

"I would have to suffer without the SCC dental clinic. I can't afford to pay thousands of dollars, and I don't want to go in debt- I'm too old to have debt."

Your donation can help seniors just like these get the help they need.

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