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Bring Hope.

Thousands of Utah seniors go without dental, vision, or hearing care because they can't afford it. You can change their lives.

Senior Charity Care Foundation brings dental and vision care to senior apartments and long-term care facilities across the Wasatch Front.

Most of the seniors we serve have been unable to afford a visit to the dentist or optometrist for several years. Medicare and Medicaid don't cover these services for most seniors, making it even harder for them to get care.

By joining the Circle of Hope, you are becoming part of a dedicated group of people committed to improving lives.


“I would just have to suffer without the [SCCF dental clinic] because I can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars. And I don’t want to go in debt; I’m too old to have debt.”

senior with new teeth


“These people are marvelous, and I thank the Lord that I was in their program. It's always nice to be able to give someone a friendly smile, but the most important thing is to be able to eat pain free.”

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We rely on donors like you to continue providing services to seniors in need.

The Circle of Hope is a critical piece of Senior Charity Care Foundation's current and future success. Thank you for making sure all seniors in Utah can access dental, vision, and hearing care.

You are changing someone's life.

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